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June 2021 Newsletter

Summer has finally arrived!

We have been loving all of the sunny and warm weather in the last few weeks! Claire, our forest school teacher that we have on as a temporary member of staff, will be teaching 2 of our own how to perform different forestry tasks outside including outdoor cooking. With it being so sunny all the time, we are outside for most of the day, which is why we need all parents to please apply sun cream to their child before drop-off each day and we will reapply it in the afternoon. They will also need to come with a hat.

You may have seen our navy blue logo hats that the children can borrow if they can't find their hat. We have some hats in the same style but in light blue matching the children's t-shirts available for purchase soon at the nursery. They cost £7 each and should be available from 15th June . Please ask Patrick or Michelle if you wish to buy any uniform including the hats.

The children have said goodbye to the tadpoles that they have been raising and caring for, and are now focused on gardening within the allotment. On the rainy days, so much fun was had splashing in all of the puddles! The children spent some time in the mud kitchen for some sensory play where they pretended to bake yummy goods.

Upcoming events

We will be holding our sports day on 14th July. The festivities will commence at 14:00-15:00 for red, green and blue bubbles. The event will consist of various sports including a relay race, obstacle course, egg-and-spoon and a hoop-toss. More details will follow to parents in the applicable bubbles

We will hold a graduation ceremony on 16th July from 14:00-15:00 so that we can say goodbye to all of the children who are leaving us to attend big school in September! More information will be sent shortly to blue bubble parents.


Please be aware that all funding forms will need to be re-signed for the autumn term in late July. If this applies to you, we will try to have you complete this during drop-off or pick-up. during that time. Please email Patrick at if you have any questions.

Summer Menu

William has been revamping the summer menu to level out with the heat we've been having. Children can expect more fresh salads and cold options each day. He has received very good feedback from everyone so far!

New staff

We are welcoming 2 new members of staff - Linda and Lauren. Linda is a level 3 practitioner who has a broad and long background in working with children. She fell in love with childcare when her own children went to pre-school, and has been a nursery practitioner ever since! Lauren is also a level 3 practitioner who unfortunately had to temporarily switch jobs due to Covid-19 complications but wants to start working in childcare settings again. We are excited to welcome both of them to the team!


Charmaine has announced that she and her husband have made the decision to move to Scotland in the coming months. She will be with us through this term, but will sadly leave prior to the September start. We wish her all the best on this new journey!

Lucy is also leaving on 16th July. She has been our manager through one of the most difficult times. With lockdowns, Covid-19 precautions and so on, she led the team through it all. She is planning on moving to Spain with her family where they currently own a house. Good luck Lucy!

We have hired a new manager who will start on 26th July. Further information will be available in the next newsletter.


The 6 months reports will be uploaded to Tapestry by the end of term. You can view this on your Tapestry account. Please be aware that we are migrating away from this system and will be using a new system called ParentZone instead from the end of July. More information will be sent to you then in the coming weeks regarding how to set up an account and what to expect.


Did you know?

If you have any safeguarding issues relating to a child, you can contact the Acorn to Oak Nursery and Preschool Safeguarding Officers Lucy Staveley and Rachel Armour at 07746118040. We, as a nursery, remain committed to ensuring a safe environment for all children under our care.

Important dates for your diary

Wednesday 14th July - Sports day for red, green and blue bubbles

Friday 16th July - Graduation day for all children in blue bubble

Friday 16th July is also the last day of term for all children who are term time only. Term time only children will be expected back on Monday 6th September 2021 to their usual sessions.

If your child attends term time only but you'd like to book them in for some sessions during the summer holiday, please ask Patrick or Michelle who will be happy to help.

A few parents have raised the question about why our term finishes early than the local schools. This is because we don't have the 5 inset days that schools use making our term a week shorter.

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