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January 2021 Newsletter & Happy New Year!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021


This month, we have welcomed Jessica and Sayilija as our apprentices and our new full-time member of staff, Rosie. The ladies have all settled in beautifully and are working hard. We have also welcomed several new families to nursery including Benjamin, Henry, Killian, James, Maddie, Carys and Oliver. All children are settling well and getting to know the nursery routine.


COVID-19 If anyone in your household is awaiting COVID-19 test results, please ensure your child does not attend nursery until you have a negative result and your child is symptom free.


Due to the current lockdown, we have stopped yoga and sports sessions and the music man until we are permitted to have them, following current government guidelines.

COMMUNICATION During this current lockdown we will endeavor to send out a short narrative of your bubble’s day via WhatsApp as feedback to help you be more aware of your child’s day at nursery. Collection is having to be more brief than usual due to COVID-19 measures that have been put in place. If you have any comments or suggestions about other methods we can communicate effectively with you, please let us know.

BUBBLES Our two additional bubbles are working well and the division of children and staff has shown to be a great improvement for both the staff and children. Bubbles are more manageable and the children are getting more 1-1 time with their key person. The bubbles are running calmly and smoothly.


CLOTHING Please ensure your child wears lots of layers as we are having to keep windows open to ventilate the nursery and as well as when we go outside to play and have lots of fresh air.

FOYER Please can we remind all parents to fold down buggies and do not leave scooters and bikes in the foyer. Many thanks


TAPESTRY All children’s reports have been published on tapestry and in January staff are focusing on completing the children’s IDM’s (Individual development maps) in line with achieving for children. These are to track their progress with the EYFS. Please check your child’s tapestry account regularly. If you have not registered with Tapestry, please ask Lucy or Rebecca for an activation email.

FUNDING If your child has already turned 3 years old since 1st January 2021 or will do so by 31st March 2021, you will be eligible to claim funding towards your childcare costs. Depending on your circumstances, you can receive 15 or 30 hours each week during term time. You should have received a form from Michelle which will need completing and returning to the nursery. If you have any questions, please ask Lucy, Rebecca or Michelle

BILLS All invoices are now being sent via our new automated billing system. You will receive your bill via email around 20th of each month and they will be due for payment by the 1st of the new month. If you have any questions or queries relating to bills, please contact Michelle.

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