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April 2022 Newsletter

Under 2's Section

The children have been busy this month! They especially enjoyed making yummy healthy smoothies with fruit and soya milk.

For Earth Day the children painted mini Earths and enjoyed playing in the garden that day as well. Sensory time is always a blast in our black-out tent with LED lights and sensory toys! We've been focusing this month on healthy eating by example during mealtimes and exploring different textures through messy play!

2-3s Section

The children have loved all of the fun activities in April! From making Easter bunnies to celebrating Earth Day by planting trees in the forestry school area, we're on it! Our topic this month has been 'Animals of the World,' so we've been reading books about different habitats, colouring various animals and even building a zoo!

Preschool (including Minis)

We've been exploring our forestry school area and planting trees to play our part as Tree Wardens in the local area! We also released our butterfly friends into the wild after they came out of their cocoons. They were very calm at first but eventually flew away.

The Cabin has been learning loads about dinosaurs and even hatched their very own dinosaur eggs! The Lodge has been focusing on planting and taking care of the outdoors as a part of their Earth Day celebration this month!

Congrats, Freya!

Freya has been doing an exceptional job in the 2-3's section. She's been going above and beyond in her work and always has a positive attitude!

May 2 - Bank Holiday (nursery closed)

May 3 - Ramadan (end)

May 3 - Teacher Appreciation Day

May 9 - Europe Liberation Day

May 12 - International Nurses Day

May 15 - Dinosaur Day

May 20 - World Bee Day

May 23 - Victoria Day

May 26 - Ascension Day

May 31 - London History Day

***June 10 - Sports Day at the nursery - more info to follow in May***

At Home Activity to Promote Mathematics

We love sharing ideas with parents about how you can promote learning with your child at home. Something that has been very beneficial at the nursery includes using loose parts. At home you can take your child outside and collect pine cones, leaves and rocks. These can be sorted into sizes, counted, placed in odd/even groups or made into shapes! There's so much learning that can be had with loose parts!

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