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May 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Under 2's Room.

This month in babies the children have been taking part in a variety of different activities for our Queen's Jubilee! They all have shown lots of excitement

when decorating crowns and playing with red and blue play dough.

One particular activity that the children were fond of was decorating biscuits with red, white and blue icing.

To conclude the week, the children painted their own flags.

2-3's Room and Minis

The 2-3s Room has had a blast this month doing Jubilee activities! They've made Union Jacks, participated in Dress Up Like Royalty Day and even made Jubilee cupcakes and biscuits! Yummy!


Preschool has been busy with their forestry activities such as planting flowers and trees.

They've enjoyed learning about the environment around them. They've also enjoyed all of the Jubilee activities this week, such as dressing up like royalty!


We'd also like to congratulate Rosie, our Cabin Room Leader who has just gotten married!

Welcome to Sophie, our new part time member of staff! She is floating normally between the Under 2's and 2-3's rooms. We'll also be welcoming Josie to the nursery on the week commencing 6th June (permanent room not yet assigned).

Important Dates

1st June - Say Something Nice Day

2nd June - HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

6th June - D-Day

8th June 2:15pm - Sports Day

11th June - Global Wellness Day

12th June - International Children's Day

18th June - International Picnic Day

20th June - International Surfing Day

22nd June - Rainforest Day

27th June - Sunglasses Day

30th June - International Asteroid Day

13th July 145pm - Preschool Graduation

We are a sun safe nursery! Please remember to apply sun cream to your child prior to dropping them off at the door. We will reapply the sun cream throughout the day as needed (we supply this).


The nursery is going paperless! All reports / assessments are being uploaded to ParentZone this week and next for parents to review. All forms (such as medication consent, accidents etc...) are now being sent through Docusign. If you have any feedback about this process, please feel free to send us an email at:

Jubilee Activities

If you are looking for activities to do with your child / children during Jubilee weekend, you can follow this link:

Labelling Clothing

Please ensure that any clothing that is brought into the nursery is clearly labelled with your child's forename and surname initial.

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