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September 2021 Newsletter

We've had a busy start of term! You'll find in this month's newsletter introducing new staff, key person information, the new EYFS curriculum, and more!

New Staff

We've welcomed some new staff members! Their names and age groups are below.

Under 2's: Lucy

2-3's:: Charlene

3+: Zuzana

Support Staff: Natasha, Lara, Hayley

Work Placement Students: Charlotte, Elsie

Key Person

Every child is assigned a key person. This is a member of staff who will get to know your child's individual needs and be able to communicate effectively with you. All staff are introducing themselves to their key child's parents / carers this week. If you have not yet met your child's key person, please contact Patrick.

New Classroom: 'The Cabin'

We are excited to announce that, as of 01st September, we have opened up our new classroom! We've had multiple questions about it from all of you, so hopefully this can answer a few:

  1. The Cabin is the 2nd preschool classroom.

  2. It's not completely finished yet. It's currently awaiting it's final touches.

  3. Children will be in the classroom year round, just like in 'The Lodge.' We understand the concerns around cold weather, however we've learned from The Lodge which used to be completely outside and the children loved it! If it gets too cold for them we will adjust accordingly. We also provide some cold weather gear.


There are many new requirements in the new Statutory Framework for the Early Years

Foundation Stage. We have updated our curriculum to match many of these changes, and you'll see loads about it this term. The highlight this month is oral hygiene! You can read more about what you can do to support your child learning about oral hygiene below:

Brushing teeth guide for parents
Download PDF • 120KB

Preschool Cooking Club!

William started with us in April 2021 as our chef. The children all enjoy greeting him in the mornings and during lunch / tea times. We've heard very wonderful feedback from all of you about how the children also enjoy his food. We're really encouraged by this because William promotes a balanced diet filled with fruits and veggies as well as other fresh ingredients. With that being said, William has started a weekly Preschool Cooking Club! You may have already heard your child speak about it. The children learn how to make things such as bread, biscuits and more!

Important Dates:

Headcount day for Autumn funding: 7th October 2021

Last day of nursery before Christmas break: 17th December 2021

First day back after Christmas break: 4th January 2022

Bringing Items into Nursery

We are asking that all items that are brought into the nursery are labelled with your child's name. We've had a few incidents where an item was handed to the wrong child because it wasn't labelled!

New Covid-19 Policy

We have updated our Covid-19 policy which can be found in the link below.

20th September 2021 Covid-19
Download PDF • 119KB


If you have concerns regarding the safety of a child, please contact one of our two safeguarding leads pictured below.

Rebecca J 07862143958 Rachel A 07746118040

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