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July 2021 Newsletter

We have been having a lot of fun in the sun over the last couple of weeks! Whether it's water play, messy play or just running together in the field, the children are having a great time playing together. We've had many celebrations, hellos and goodbyes this month that will all be included in the newsletter!

(Left) Evie is enjoying some fun in the sun while cooling off with some water!

(Right) Red bubble couldn't help themselves when the sprinkler came out! They especially found it silly when the staff joined in!

New Manager - Julie Green

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Nursery Manager, Julie Green! She is starting on 26th July and will be meeting all of the parents soon in order to place a face with a name.... Welcome Julie!

Goodbye, Charmaine!

We said goodbye to our ever lovely Charmaine last week. As our preschool teacher, Charmaine was a valued part of the team. We know she's very excited to move to Scotland and we wish her the absolute best with her new adventure!

Sports Day

We had a very successful sports day on 14th July! We were so excited to see all of the parents coming out to support their children. Everyone had so much fun, and the weather even held out for it! Parents can expect more events such as this to happen as society opens up more and more. We want to say an

extra special thanks to all of the staff who made the event possible. We'd like to also extend a special thank you to Tracy, who led the event itself.


We said goodbye to many of our friends in Blue Bubble as they graduated from preschool. This marks the beginning of their journey into 'big' school. The ceremony involved Charmaine leading a song with the children about how much fun they had with each other, and it ended with them receiving an official certificate and an Acorn to Oak Nursery and Preschool metal to mark their time here. We'll miss you all!


We are asking that parents do not send their child into the nursery with a drawstring plastic bag - it's a safety hazard for the children.

Please remember that term-time-only children begin the new term on 06th September.

Please remember that the nursery is no longer identifying close-contacts of Covid-19. This is now purely done by the NHS Test and Trace teams across the country. If your child tests positive for Covid-19 or they have developed symptoms, please notify the nursery so that we know why they are absent.

Please refer to the payment policy, sent out to all parents on 23rd July if you have any questions regarding swapping sessions, absence etc...

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