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May 2021 Newsletter

Updated: May 14, 2021

Welcome to our new classroom 'The Lodge'

We would like to introduce our new classroom called The Lodge. All children who are moving to school in September are now based downstairs and enjoying their time in the new room. The children are all continuing to be led by Charmaine and are enjoying experiencing a new way of learning and exploring through their environment. The children will have access to the downstairs bathrooms and all snacks and

meals will be served in the lodge too. All equipment the children had access to in their upstairs blue bubble is the same in the Lodge with the added resources of forest school activities. This a fantastic learning experience for the children in their last term before they head off to school. Watch this space for more exciting news about forest school in the next newsletter...

New staff

We would like to welcome 3 new members of staff.

William is our new nursery cook. He is a highly experienced cook, having owned his own restaurants previously as well as working in the health care industry for years. He is looking forward to using our allotments to grow fresh produce to cook for nursery as well as cooking delicious meals for the children. Shelly has remained with us and made the change to work alongside the existing practitioners. She will now work with blue bubble in the mornings until after lunch.

Another addition is Patrick. He is joining the nursery as our office manager and will work alongside Michelle to do the IT and software aspect of the business as well as supporting Lucy and Rebecca by assuming some of their responsibilities such as stock control and facilities management. Patrick is originally from Kansas, USA and was previously employed in the United States Airforce for 7 years. He is incredibly organised and the nursery will benefit from his strong organisational skills.

Lastly, Monika has just joined us and will be working in Green bubble with Adel. She prides herself in being very friendly and creative. Coincidentally, she has worked alongside Adel and Charmaine in the past. Having three children herself, Monika loves working with early years, and we are excited to have her!

We've also hired various bank staff employees who will work with us part-time to help cover our regular staffing upcoming holidays. All new staff have gone through a rigorous Safer Recruitment process to ensure that our safeguarding standards are continuously maintained.

Staff farewells

Unfortunately we are saying goodbye to Ali who leaves us on 20th May. Ali has been a fantastic member of the team from the very start as well as a wonderful friend. We understand, though, that she is a mother first and needs to be able to have more time to spend with her own children. We wish her all the best!

Pushchairs and scooters

Unfortunately we are unable to keep pushchairs and scooters at nursery during the day at this present moment. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Summer term reports

The staff are currently working on summer term reports for each key child.

Other news

Since we now have William as our cook, we are excited to announce that he can also make amazing cakes for events such as birthdays! With this in mind, there's no need to bring in treats into the nursery for children from now on.

Term dates

We'd like to remind everyone that half-term begins the week commencing on 31st May.

Nursery will reopen again for our term time only children on Monday 7th June. Please also remember that Monday 31st May is Bank Holiday and nursery will be closed.

Is your child starting school in September?

If your child will be going to school next year, we are requesting that you give us their school name in order for us to complete the necessary documentation required.


We'd like to say congratulations to Adel because....she's getting married!!! We had a small party after work on 7th May and we'd like to extend our thanks to Leanne (Lila's mum) for her contribution to this. Adel is off from 17th May and will be back to work on 14th June. We all send her our best wishes.

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