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November 2021 Newsletter

We've been up to so many fun things at this nursery this month!

Under 2s Room

The under 2s room has been having a blast with their messy play. Some benefits of messy play include promoting independence, helping with physical development and aiding in better concentration.

The under 2's will also be celebrating all of the different holidays in the coming months including Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more!

2-3s Room

The children have been practising brushing their teeth using using baby potatoes and playdough. This is to ensure we are meeting the new Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework's requirements of promoting oral hygiene.

We've also been having fun decorating Halloween biscuits using spooky coloured frosting! The children enjoyed making their own patterns and designs!

We will also be celebrating Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Diwali in the coming days. You will surely see updates on our social media and your individual Parent Zone account!


Preschool will also be observing many of the holidays coming up. They've spend loads of time outside exploring the grounds and, of course, engaging in some messy / loose parts play! With it getting colder it is especially important that our 3+ children come to nursery with warm clothes.

Loose Parts

We've also been exploring as a nursery the fun that we can have while exploring loose parts.

An example of loose part materials can be:







Cardboard boxes

Paper/plastic cups

Popsicle sticks


Aluminium foil

Hair rollers

Wooden blocks

Loose parts help with children's imagination and creativity in their development. It also aids in exploring new textures and materials.

Important Reminders

Parents / carers are reminded to please ensure that children are dressed appropriately as it becomes colder outside with winter quickly approaching.

On the week commencing the 15th of November, we will be observing 'Supporting in Need Week' with a load of different activities and fundraising events! An email regarding this will follow. We are doing the charity Yorda Adventures ( Our very own Julie and Hayley will be abseiling down the O2 Arena for a fundraising event next year as well!

Dates for the Diary


4th - Diwali

5th - Fireworks / Bonfire Night

8th - Tongue Twister Day

10th - World Science Day

11th - Remembrance Day

13th - World Kindness Day

15th - Nursery Rhyme Week

15th - Road Safety Week

19th - Children in Need

25th - Thanksgiving Day (USA)

28th - Hanukkah Begins Today

30th - St Andrews Day


1st - Tree Dressing Day

2nd - Tree Dressing Day

10th - Christmas Jumper Day

14th - Christmas Party / Concert

16th - Christmas Dinner

17th - End of Term (Nursery is closed after this date)

25th - Christmas Day


1st - New Year's Day

4th - Nursery reopens

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